Dike - Country Rock Contacts

Often you may be driving through the Spanish Peaks region and not be aware of the many places along the road where dikes are visible. The following are just a couple examples of some dike - country rock contacts.

Figure 1 - Dike - Country Rock contact. Dike is on the right and the Poison Canyon formation is on the left. This is in the western portion of Jarosa Canyon south of the Peaks.

Figure 2 - Another dike-country rock contact in the southern part of the Spanish Peak region.

Figure 3 - dike - country rock contact. Dike is in the middle with indurated Poison Canyon fm. on either side.

Figure 4 - This dike-country rock contact is found on the west side of the road just west of Monument Lake. The dike itself is a lamprophyre intruded into Pennsylvanian Sangre de Cristo formation.

Figure 5 - This is a picture taken from Bradford Mesa (sp51) east of I-25 and North of CO 10. This is pretty cool because this is all that's visible of the dike on top of the mesa.

Figure 6 - Subparallel dike contact on west side of I25 (just south of Holiday Inn) along service drive going to Starkville.

Figure 7 - Contact of Profile Rock (granodiorite) and sandstone of the Cuchara FM.