Views of Devil's Stairway (or Staircase or Stairsteps)

View of Devil's Stairway on CO 12 looking NE just NE of the town of Cuchara and the Dakota Hogback. There are five dikes visible in this picture.

A closer view

This view is looking southwest on Colorado 12 just south of Goemmer Butte. Notice there are three dikes visible in the picture. The larger dike in the background makes up Devil's Stairway (or Stairsteps). There are two other dikes parallel to Devil's Stairway. The closest one is shown below.

Devil's Stairway is a granodiorite porphyry. It is a radial dike (West Spanish Peak is to the left). Radial dikes are predominantly syenite and monzonite porphyries, so Devil's Stairsteps and Profile Rock are exceptions.

This is a picture of Devil's Stairway taken from the turnout across from it on Colorado 12. The dike is in the right side of the picture. The darker mass attached to it is indurated sandstore from the Cuchara Formation.

This is a lamprophyre dike just to the NE of the Devil's Stairway. It is the closest dike to the camera in the top picture. While it appears to be two dikes with a central depression between them, the two "dikes" are the indurated remains of the Cuchara Formation. The real dike is found in between them and is believed to be a lamprophyre dike which intruded at a very high temperature (1000-1100 degrees C) into and metamorphosed the Cuchara Formation to quartzite. This is common with a number of the subparallel dikes. This is one of the few mafic radial dikes.