East Spanish Peak

East Spanish Peak (Figure 1 & 2) intruded after West Spanish Peak and consists of what appear to be two intrusive bodies. The outer portion is a granite porphyry intruded by a circular granodiorite porphyry. The contact of these two rocks is visible just above tree line on the north side of East Spanish Peak. East Spanish Peak has a much greater areal extent than West Spanish Peak including a northwestward trending arm that terminates in Lover's Leap (Figure 3)

Figure 1 - East Spanish Peak seen from Bear Creek Road. The northwest extension of East Spanish Peak if visible to the right of the peak itself..

Figure 2 - East Spanish Peak seen rising out of the mist from West Spanish Peak

Figure 3 - Granite Porphyry - Lover's Leap up Wahatoya Canyon south of La Veta.