Hyperspectral Imaging and REE Exploration Consultant (9/2011 to present) Utilizing hyperspectral Imaging to explore for Rare Earth Elements and various mining applications.

Engineer/Scientist. The Boeing Company (2/2000 - 9/2011) Responsible for developing and implementing novel methods for processing and utilizing hyperspectral imagery.

Remote Sensing Scientist (Post-Doc). Pan-American Center for Earth & Environmental Studies (PACES), University of Texas at El Paso, El Paso, TX. (10/95 - 2/00) Responsible for establishing PACES as a remote sensing center including selection of

Efforts included:

Post Doctoral Research Associate. Colorado School of Mines, Golden, CO. (9/94 - 10/95) Assisted visiting Keck Professor in all aspects of developing software for dynamical systems approach to modeling and visualizing sedimentary processes.

Geologist. Part-time. Branch of Isotope Geology, U.S.G.S., Denver Federal Center, Lakewood, Colorado. (5/90 - 6/93) Designed and implemented Graphical User Interface (GUI) using Visual Basic for the first fully automated MS Windows-based 40Ar/39Ar dating system on a MAP215 Series rare-gas mass spectrometer. Established and maintained a database containing five years of Argon age data.

Engineering Systems Analyst. Texas Instruments, Inc. Dallas, TX. (2/85 - 8/88) Designed and developed avionics software. Developed an Artificial Intelligence based mission manager for the Enhance Terrain Masked Penetration Program. Designed Pilot Vehicle Interface for the Covert Penetration Radar System. Wrote proposals, presented to upper-level management and customers, and supervised several engineers (2-5).

Software Engineer. Geophysical Services Inc., Dallas, TX. (6/81 - 2/85). Developed seismic software. Designed and implemented the basemapping function for the Seismic Interpretation and Display Information System (SIDIS), the first commercial 3-D seismic workstation.

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